Yes, And It Is Very Scary: Shehbaz Aide Admits Pak Dropping Drugs Into India Via Drones

A senior Pakistan’s government official has admitted that smugglers from his own country are increasingly using drones to send drugs across the border to India.

Malik Mohd Ahmad Khan, Special Assistant on Defence to Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made the confession while interacting with a senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir in Kasur city. Notably, Khan is a Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) from Kasur.

In a video tweeted by him on July 17, Mir was seen asking Khan a question on cross-border smuggling of narcotics in Kasur, to which he replied by saying;

Yes, and it is (smuggling) is very scary. Recently there have been two incidents where 10 kg heroin was tied to each drone thrown across. Agencies are trying to stop this,” he said. Watch the video here.

Speaking of Kasur, it is situated across Punjab’s Khemkaran and Ferozpur. As per data released by the Punjab police earlier this month, 795 FIRs were registered under the NDPS Act from July 2022-23 in Ferozpur district alone.

With inputs from Hyderabad.

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