Women’s Health: Dignity in Communication

SAHYOG CARE FOR YOU, a registered voluntary NGO, has been working for the empowerment of marginalized sections of society since 2002. Sahyog Care began with a vision to bring smiles to the lives of such people.

Healthcare for Women is an important subject. As India takes rapid strides towards progress on the world stage, women and daughters of the nation are making the country proud with collective achievements. In such a scenario, why should the matter of women’s health and well-being be left behind? Certain folks are committed to promoting general awareness as well as establishing a conducive environment for dialogue.

One such organization would be SAHYOG CARE FOR YOU. It’s a registered voluntary NGO which has been working since 2002 for the empowerment of marginalized sections of society. Sahyog Care began with a vision to bring smiles to the lives of such people.

Recently, in collaboration with BSES, Sahyog Care organized camps to spread awareness regarding the Menstrual Cycle and the relevance of general health for women. During these awareness camps, Sanitary Pads and Face Masks were distributed among the women and adolescents. Importantly, the women in attendance were given a dignified forum to voice their concerns.

Such outreach efforts, together with the response they generate, touch one’s emotions positively. This was, however, absent in the communication involving a senior IAS officer, a woman herself, no less, in Bihar during a similar awareness event where a young girl was trying to communicate her concerns and was ridiculed.

NGOs and volunteer groups bring themselves to partner with social causes; however, the administration and its functionaries are duty-bound and accountable to the citizens of India. Not only should their diligence reflect in the administrative work they are entrusted with, but they should embrace the respect and responsibilities of their office when interacting with the commoners in the public sphere.

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