Woman shot by her husband’s elder brother in Jaipur over interfaith marriage

A man, along with his two associates, was held for allegedly attempting murder of a 26-year-old woman, who was shot by the accused on Wednesday morning in Jaipur over the difference in interfaith marriage.

The woman, identified as Anjali, was parking her vehicle outside the shop when two men shot her.

According to the police, Anjali suffered a bullet injury in her back and was immediately taken to Kanwatiya Hospital, where she was rushed to SMS Hospital. She is currently under the close watch of doctors.

Primarily investigating the matter confirmed that Anjali was Latif’s second marriage, with which the latter’s elder brother was not happy, and hence, he hatched the conspiracy to murder Anjali.

Lateef claimed that he was kidnapped last year by his brother, and a police complaint was filed, but the case was settled in mutual agreement.

While the local police are investigating the matter, sources have claimed that Latif’s brother was not pleased with the inter-faith marriage and the money spent on Latif’s wedding.

Anjali’s mother, Nirmal Devi, informed police that her daughter’s in-laws were threatening the couple, and she demanded strict action against the accused.

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