Will file an FIR if Rahul Gandhi does not apologise: Savarkar’s grandson

Rahul Gandhi has triggered yet another controversy when he said that his ‘name is not ‘Savarkar’ as the matter is far from getting over.

In a fresh development, Veer Savarkar’s grandson, Rajnit Savarkar on Tuesday threatened to file an FIR against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi if he ‘does not apologise for his statement about Savarkar.’

“I will file an FIR against Rahul Gandhi if he does not apologise for his statement on Savarkar. This is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi or the Congress party has disrespected Veer Savarkar. It is unfortunate that instead of apologising he continue to repeat this,” says Ranjit Savarkar, grandson of VD Savarkar.

He further stated that he has already filed two complaints against Rahul Gandhi in Dadar police station.

“Five years back, he had called Savarkar ‘deshdrohi.’ Once and for all if we have to settle this issue so that Savarkar’s name is not maligned again and again. We have to do it through courts. Historically, there is no proof that Savarkar had apologised before the British Raj,” Mr. VD Savarkar said.

Rahul Gandhi sparked massive controversy on March 25, when he claimed that he will not apologise as his name is not ‘Savarkar.’

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“My name is not Savarkar. My name is Gandhi. Gandhi kisi se maafi nahi maangta (Gandhi does not apologise to anyone,” he said.

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