Will fighting with our heart to defend our homeland: Taiwan Defence Ministry

Taiwan has vowed to defend and protect the home after it detected multiple China aircrafts encircling the island country.

Taking to Twitter, Taiwan’s Minister of Defence said that Taiwan is our homeland and no matter where we go what we encounter, she is always charming and beautiful.

“Every story on this land is etched in our memories. We #ROCArmedForces, are fighting with all our heart to defend our homeland and to protect our home together,” tweeted Taiwan’s Minister of Defence.

Earlier on Sunday, Taiwan identified 71 Chinese military aircraft, and 9 naval ships by 6 AM. “45 of the detected aircraft (SU-30*8, J-11*4, J-10*16, J-16*10, TB-001 UCAV, Y-9EW, Y-8 ASW, H-6K*2, Y-20, KJ-500) had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and earned Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ, flight paths as illustrated,” the Taiwan’s ministry said.

Meanwhile, Taiwan lodged a protest against Chinese military drills around Taiwan, stating that the country would not yield to threats.

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