Why UK-group urging Muslims across Europe against Israeli dates. Check here

A group in United Kingdom is encouraging Muslims across Europe to not purchase Israeli-labeled dates during Ramadan, in order to make dissent against Israeli’s illegal occupation and apartheid in Palestine.

“By choosing not to buy Israeli dates this Ramadan, the Muslim community can send a clear and powerful message of condemnation of Israeli’s illegal occupation and apartheid in Palestine,” said Shamiul Joarder Aqsa (FOA), who have launched the campaign.

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FOA in its statement said that Israeli is the world’s largest producer of Medjoul dates, with 50 percent of Israel’s dates exported to Europe, and then these dates are sold in major supermarkets as well as local shops across the continent.

The group further noted that Israel has killed at least 62 Palestinians including 13 child – the equivalent of one child every five days.

“The Israeli government is increasing home demolitions an alarming rate and has promised to expand illegal settlements at an unprecedented level,” FOA said. 

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Mr. Joarder said that it’s time to renew commitments to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) this Ramadan.

“We must remember that as a community we are powerful. We can make our voices heard through the simple act of putting Israeli dates back on the shelf,” he said. 

“All we need to do is #CheckTheLavel and not buy dates from apartheid Israeli,” he added. 

FOA has also called for a day of action to encourage Muslims at UK mosque on March 17, the last Friday before Ramadan. 

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