Deepika’s Surprise: Why Shah Rukh, Atlee Visited Her With ‘Jawan’ Script?

Even after 50 days since its release, Atlee Kumar’s film “Jawan,” starring Shah Rukh Khan, continues to draw audiences to theaters, a phenomenon that’s relatively rare in recent Indian cinema.

With a global earnings of Rs 1,148 crore, including a domestic gross of Rs 759 crore, “Jawan” currently ranks among the highest-grossing Indian films of all time.

Atlee revealed that his initial discussions about casting Deepika Padukone in the project began with SRK’s manager, Pooja Dadlani, who recommended reaching out to Deepika through Shah Rukh Khan. However, by the time they eventually approached SRK, he had already made contact with Deepika.

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According to Atlee, Shah Rukh Khan informed them that Deepika was interested in the project and would participate once her schedule allowed.

“Shah Rukh sir mentioned, ‘I’ve already had a conversation with her, and she’s keen on it. We’ll wait for her to have some free time, and then we’ll go to present the script. If she finds it worthwhile, she’ll certainly be on board.’ I was also content with this approach. So, we traveled to Hyderabad while she was working on ‘Kalki 2898 AD.’ We visited her hotel and engaged in a two- to three-hour conversation,” Atlee explained.

However, Atlee insisted that she understand the character’s significance, emphasizing that it was central to the film. After hearing the script, Deepika was impressed and came on board.

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