Why Rohit Sharma and Ashwin want World Cup games to start early? Check here

Rohit Sharma
Pic Credit: BCCI

Jagruti Panda: How luck associated with a simple two-faced coin can mostly predetermine the outcomes of the matches, ruining the enthusiasm of major tournaments, and make these events a bit ludicrous and farcical in recent scenarios?

As a pure ardent lover of the game, it seems highly unfair and prejudiced to the team who unfortunately couldn’t win the toss and have to defend the total in the midst of dewy outfields.

After Indian offspinner R Ashwin coined the idea to start the World Cup games early in order to negate the dew factor, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has backed the opinion of the veteran offspinner.

The suggestions have come in the backdrop of upcoming World Cup 2023, which is scheduled in India in October-November, concerns have raised about the possibility of the toss proving to be a decisive factor due to dew.

“It’s a good idea. It’s a World Cup, so you don’t want to compromise too much on the toss factor, you want to completely take that away. I like that idea of an early start. But I don’t know if that’s possible,” Rohit Sharma said in the side-lines of India vs New Zealand, 1st ODI.

The skipper further stated that it’s up to the broadcaster to decide what time the game has to start. “Ideally, you don’t want any sort of advantages in the game. You want to see good cricket being played without one have some sort of edge for batters under the lights with the dew. But I like the idea of an early start,” Rohit added.

Earlier, R Ashwin showed lot of trust on viewer, who according to the veteran will show up around 11:30 AM to watch the game.

“People will bring up television viewers and broadcasters, and say that people won’t latch on and watch at that time, but would they not latch on to World Cup matches,” Ashwin asked.

“The ICC knows it very well that there will be dew, so let’s advance the game, and if we start at 11:30 am, the dew factor won’t come into the game, and why not? Won’t all cricket fans prioritize the World Cup and watch matches at 11:30?” Ashwin said.

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