Why Have You Come Now? Haryana Woman Slaps Legislator Ishwar Singh Over Flood – WATCH

Legislator Ishwar Singh

Haryana: Infuriated with unprecedented flood like situation, elderly woman in Haryana slapped Jannayak Janta Party MLA Ishwar Singh on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the politician reached in Ghula to take stock of the situation when he had to face the wrath of woman. “Why have you come now?” she asked before slapping the legislator.

The woman was angered over the breach of small dam that led to water from Ghaggar river entering the area and causing flood. Watch the video here.

ANI has tweet about Jannayak Janta Party MLA Ishwar Singh:

Meanwhile, the JJP MLA Ishwar Singh said that he had forgiven the woman and will not register any legal action against her.

The woman said that had I wanted, the ‘bandh’ would not have breached. Though I explained to her that it was a natural calamity and there had been heavy rain during the past few days,” PTI quoted leader.

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