Why BJP is most important political party for America?

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is the most important foreign political party but the least understood, claimed opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal authored by Walter Russel Mead.

“India’s ruling BJP is, from the standpoint of American national interest, the most important foreign political party in the world. It may also be the least understood,” the WSJ opined.

The author further noted that without the help of BJP, America’s efforts to balance rising Chinese power are likely to fall short. He also noted that BJP is not very well understood among the foreign diaspora as it grows out of a political and cultural history unfamiliar to most non-Indians.

“Like the Muslim Brotherhood, the BJP rejects many ideas and priorities of Western liberalism even as it embraces key features of modernity. Like the Chinese Community Party, the BJP hopes to lead a nation with more than a billion people to become a global superpower,” the WSJ piece noted.

The invitation to engage with the BJP and RSS is one that Americans can’t afford to reject. As tensions with China rise, the US needs India as both an economic and political partner.

With inputs from ANI

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