Why be fake: Ronit Roy posts cryptic Insta post, Smriti Irani reacts

Entertainment: Renowned actor Ronit Roy on Wednesday took to Instagram and shared a cryptic post which hinted that he was betrayed by someone who he called ‘brother or bhai.’ While the actor didn’t mention any name but indicated that he had been ditched by someone close and underlined the importance of being real in a space where everyone is fake.

“Bhai…bro, these words have completely lost their meaning. When someone calls me that I take the words seriously and then they do to me what I wouldn’t do to my enemy. It hurts but chalta hain. It is their falling. Not mine,” actor posted.

The senior actor further mentioned that ‘money, status, all materials lost can be regained, but time, love, respect, relationships once lost can never be.’

“Why be #fake when you #needtobereal. #respect #yourself #screw #fakelove,” he concluded.

Ronit’s post drew attention of none-other than his former colleague and currently Union Minister Smriti Irani, who commented on the post.

“Kya hua (What happen),” she wrote. Check out Ronit’s Insta post and Smriti Irani’s reaction.

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Ronit Roy and Smriti Irani shared screen in hit TV show Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. While Ronit continued his career in acting, Smrit Irani shifted to politics and went on to become one of the most fierce woman in Indian politics.

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