While soldiers…..Youth watching Uorfi Javed’s pictures inside blanket, NCW chief slams Chetan Bhagat

While renowned author and IITian Chetan Bhagat ended up analysing what the youth of the country is doing inside his blanket with Uorfi Javed’s pictures, Rekha Sharma, Chief of the National Commission for Women, expressed disappointment over an author’s comment.

Speaking at ‘Sahitya Aaj Tak’ Bhagat compared the soldiers on the border and defending the nation with a section of the youth, which is just chilling in his cosy blanket consuming the internet.

One section of the youth is on the Kargil border and defending the nation. The other section of the youth is inside the blanket and watching photos of Uorfi Javed,” Chetan Bhagat said.

The social media sensation Uorfi Javed was quick to hit back at the renowned author for sharing her screenshots with a woman who earlier alleged her during the #MeToo movement.

Meanwhile, NCW Chief Rekha Sharma termed Bhagat’s statement ‘utterly disappointing’, stating that man should have thought before making such a comparison.

Chetan Bhagat is among the intellectuals in the country. He should think before investing his thoughts and words. We do not expect such comments from him,” Rekha Sharma told The Quotes.

In a series of Tweets, Uorfi Javed lashed out at Bhagat as she wrote, “Guys, let us not forget how so many women accused him during the #MeToo case..”

Men like him will always blame the woman than accept their own shortcomings. Just because you are a pervert does not mean it is the right girl’s fault or what she is wearing! Unnecessarily dragging me into a conversation, commenting on how my clothes distract young boys is such a f**ked thing to say! Are you messaging young girls not a distraction for them, though? Uorfi wrote.

In response, Chetan Bhagat hit back at Uorfi by revealing that he has never spoken to or met her. “It is a fake, a lie—also a non-issue. I have not criticised anyone. Moreover, I also think there is nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting on Instagram and focus on fitness and career,” Bhagat tweeted.

However, Chetan Bhagat had earlier been in some serious controversies, as he was charged by two women during the #MeToo movement.

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