Which ‘Made in India’ apparel brand aims to sweep Zara and H&M from India? Check here

We all have had our love affairs with global apparel brands like Zara and H&M. Widely regarded as synonymous with class in the society, Zara has its roots in Galicia, Spain, Hennes & Mauritz AB aka H&M is originally a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company founded in 1947.

However, a ‘Made in India’ apparel brand which started just three year-ago aims to sweep away the vast market of Zara and H&M.

We are talking about none-other-than SNITCH. With a 100 per cent made in India trendy fashion line to spice up men’s wardrobe, Snitch started out in 2020 and as per present reports sending out more than 2000 daily orders. Siddharth R. Dungarwal, Founder.

SNITCH, has recently discussed his future plans for the company by claiming that he is hoping to raise the bar for men’s fashion in the nation and beat brands like Zara and H&M.

While appearing in the second season of Shark Tank, Mr. Dungarwal revealed how he has built the company from bootstrap and the estimating of Rs. 90 crores – Rs. 100 Crore for the financial years of 2022-23.

Started with the sole passion for fashion and wanting to hit it big in the market, Mr. Dungarwal founded his company, originally as a B2B company.

As Mr. Dungarwal impressed all five Sharks with his clarity in thoughts, plan and knowledge of the market, Snitch churned out the maiden deal of the season involving all the sharks at Rs. 1.5 crores at 1.5% equity.

Commenting on the brand’s growth, Chetan Siyal, Chief Marketing Officer, Snitch told Indianweb.com that the brand is constantly focusing on laying all the emphasis on developing a superlative product at low cost, and ROI-driven marketing.

“Our customer-obsessed approach and superior product quality makes it one of the most exciting approaches to achieve our next big goal for Snitch, targeting Rs. 350 crores by the end of 2025!” Mr. Sival said.

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