When Sadhguru made the prophecy of Virat Kohli’s greatness! Check here

With 74 international centuries under his belt, Virat Kohli is standing tall and smart among the greatest batters ever graced the game of cricket. The former Indian captain has etched several batting records in his over a decade international career and is gearing up the script for more greatness in times to come.

While there was never a doubt about his talent and determination, the 34-year-old possessed, renowned author, preacher and founder of Isha Foundation Sadhguru made the prophecy of Virat Kohli’s greatness a long time back when the cricketer used to play among the juniors.

During his interaction with Mr. Rajiv Goenka in 2016 in Kolkata, Sadhguru recalled when he saw Virat Kohli playing for Under 19 in Singapore and was amazed by his batting techniques.

“With the kind of talent he has, he is going to be a new phenomenon and a new cricket story. One of his kind. I saw this when he was 17-years old playing in Singapore. Even then he had an incredible way to bat” Sadhguru said.

The founder of Ishan Foundation further suggested the Indian dynamic batter to remain calm and cool fire if he is seeking to achieve more greatness in his career. “If he learns to control his anger and channelize towards his objective then he will do things which have never been done before in the game of cricket,” added Sadhguru.

Talking about Virat Kohli, the Indian batter has been scoring runs and centuries with utmost ease as he has become the batter with second most international centuries. He has already smashed two international centuries in 2023, as both came in the ODI series against Sri Lanka.

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The modern day great is preparing for the upcoming Border Gavaskar Trophy 2023, commencing from February 9 at VCA stadium in Maharashtra.

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