What Supreme Court Said While Staying Rahul Gandhi’s Defamation Conviction

New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India on Friday provided major relief to Congress and its prominent leader Rahul Gandhi in ‘Modi’ surname case.

Notably, Congress leader was convicted on charges of defamation by a Gujarat court for his remarks about the ‘Modi’ surname.

The Gujarat court had earlier sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years in jail following which he was automatically disqualified from the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament.

Let’s check what exactly Supreme Court said.

The apex court noted that Gandhi’s utterances may not have been in good taste, but as a person in public life, he was expected to have exercised more cautions while making public speeches.

“The trial court was expected to give some reasons on why he gave the maximum punishment of two years,” SC noted.

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The court further noted that the only reason for Gandhi’s disqualification appeared to be the duration of his sentence.

“If the conviction was of even a day less, the provision would not have been attracted,” the court further stated, pointing out that the sentence’s length alone had triggered Gandhi’s disqualification.

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“In so far as the sentence is concerned, we have considered certain factors. There are voluminous pages written by both courts, but this aspect has not been considered,” court noted.

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