WFI Asst. Secy Vinod Tomar ‘Aided’ And ‘Felicitated’ Harassment Of Wrestlers By Brij: Chargesheet

Wrestling Federation of India Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar, co-accused in two of the six complaints, ‘intentionally aided and facilitated’ WFI President and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh while sexually harassing women wrestlers, Delhi Police has said in it’s chargesheet.

What we know:

Tomar ensured that women wrestlers were alone when they went to meet Singh on three separate occasions, by ‘intentionally and purposefully’ stopping the husband in one case and the coach in other case from accompanying them, at Singh’s office-cum-residence on Ashoka Road in the national capital.


Incident 1 (Year 2017):

The first time, Tomar asked the wrestler’s husband to wait outside the premises of the WFI office, while on second occasion, her husband allegedly made to wait near Tomar’s room at the WFI office.

The intent of Vinod Tomar in not allowing her husband to sit or wait outside Brij’s office or ask him to sit near his own office implies clear mala fide intent on his part as the door of Brij Bhushan’s room was not visible from outside the office of Vinod Tomar,” says the chargesheet.

Incident 2 (Year 2022):

Tomar allegedly asked the coach of another complainant to wait outside when the wrestler was asked to meet Singh in his office.

The complainant, in her statement under Section 164, has specifically stated that Vinod Tomar went inside the chamber of the accused, Brij, and asked the victim to go inside the chamber alone,” the chargesheet says.

The Indian Express report further mentioned that Vinod Tomar purposely stopped the coach from going inside and also closed the door.

Vinod aided/felicitated the commission of the above offence in a planned manner,” the chargesheet added.

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