Western sanctions will not deter India-Russia defence partnerships: BrahMos Chief

The Indo-Russia defence partnership will ‘never’ be disrupted by the Western sanctions as the ‘trust’ is the foundation of this partnership, believes BrahMos Aerospace chief.

Notably, BrahMos Aerospace is a joint venture between India and Russia that specialises in nuclear-capable supersonic missiles. The company is currently manufacturing the BrahMos missile and developing the BrahMos II, a hypersonic cruise missile.

While speaking to the official news agency of Russia, BrahMos Aerospace Indo-Russian Joint Venture Managing Director and CEO Atul Dinkar Rane said that the West’s attempt will not deter Russia-India defence partnership, nor will it impact the company’s operations.

“My personal gut feeling – it never is!” Mr. Rane said when asked whether Western countries could halt India-Russia defence and security cooperations.

“And if someone tries, he will only fail. The relationship between the Indian scientist and Russian technologies is so deep right now that it’s not going to be possible to break it. Even if someone tell us by law – no more talking with Russia, you will start talking to someone else – but we will always say it was easier to work with the Russians,” Tass quoted Mr. Rane.

He further asserted that trust is the most important aspect of the deal, and it is good enough for both the countries to work together. Russia has been an old partner of India’s arm supplies.

Unlike many other Western powers, India has not directly criticised Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and it abstained from a vote at the UN platforms in condemning the Russian aggression.

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