WATCH: Residents Protest As Couple Brings Two Goats Ahead of Bakri Eid in Mumbai Residential Society; Police Intervenes

Massive controversy has erupted in Mumbai’s Mira Road area when a couple residing in the JP Infra high rising society brought two lambs to butcher on the occasion of Bakrid.

The incident drew sharp reaction from other residents and strong protest was lodged against the slaughtering of animals inside society.

What exactly happened?

Residents of the JP Infra Society gathered in their society complex after they got to know about one family had brought two goats around 3 AM on Tuesday.

CCTV footages showed the couple bringing two goats in the lift and took them to their flat. Watch the video here.

Society against the slaughtering:

As per reports minority around 200 families of the minority community live in the housing complex. Earlier, they were given a dedicated area to sacrifice goats during the Bakri Eid festival, but in a meeting lot of residents raised objection against it.

The families from the minority community were told not to perform slaughtering inside the housing premises.

Would not slaughter goats inside the house:

As reported by many publications, the couple in question told police that they didn’t plan to slaughter goats inside their house, but they planned to take it to the licensed slaughter house.

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