WATCH: Nushratt Bharuccha Shares Ordeal In Israel After Safe Return To India

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Nushratt Bharuccha, who recently returned to India from the war-torn region of Israel, has conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the Government of India and the Israeli Embassies for facilitating her safe passage during the ongoing conflict involving the Islamic terror group Hamas.

In a poignant video message, Nushratt recounted her harrowing experience of waking up to the ominous sounds of rockets and sirens blaring in Israel on October 7.

The actress described the unsettling moments when rocket attacks commenced, prompting residents to seek refuge in designated shelter areas. It was a situation she had never encountered before, and it left an indelible impact.

However, upon her return to the safety of her own home in India, Nushratt realized the profound significance of being in a secure and peaceful environment. She expressed her deep appreciation for the stability and security offered by Indian government to it’s countryment.

In her message, the actress extended her heartfelt wishes for peace to prevail swiftly in the conflict-ridden areas and for the safety and well-being of all those affected by the ongoing turmoil.

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