Stay slim to survive: How leopards survive in a tiger-dominated area? WATCH

We all have heard different tales about the battle of survival and if jungles are the battleground, then nothing can be more fierce than a hungry tiger.

Wait! Before you settle yourself with a preconceived notion of a tiger being the fastest and fierce predator in the battleground, we would like to show you something.

A video which is going viral on social media serves a perfect example of how leopards have master an art of survival in a tiger-dominated area.

The video has been shared by Indian Forest Serving officer Susanta Nanda, we all can how rapidly leopard makes his move and challenged one of the fastest living being his own battle.

In a 30 second clip, tiger can be seen getting ready to charge at a leopard, but the latter sensed the dangerous and immediately climbed a tall tree as the duo raced.

While the tiger tried his best to climb as fast as possible, his age or heavy weight comes restricts him, leopard makes a fluent move with his sharp and retractable claws providing a powerful grip to hold the tree trunk and climb up.

The video ends there, but the message relies in the caption where the IFS officer opined a cheeky suggestion for all of us. ‘Stay Slim to Survive,’ wrote IFS officer. Check the video but don’t forget to remember the caption.

The video was shared by the IFS officer on February 14 and attracted lot of traction on social media and till now it has garnered over 429.1K views.

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