WATCH: Golden Temple official claims ‘its not India,’ denies entry to the girl having ‘Indian flag’ painted on her face

In a shocking turn of events, a girl was reportedly stopped from entering Golden temple because she had an Indian flag painted on her forehead and shrine’s official claimed that ‘its Punjab, not India.’

The video of the said incident has gone viral on internet as the girl recorded the whole incident in her phone. In the video it is clearly seen the Golden Temple official told the girl that ‘this is Punjab, and not India,’ while the girl reiterated by telling the shrine official to not rubbish. Check the video.

Meanwhile, Gurcharan Singh Grewal, General Secretary SGPC has extended his apology on the incident but claimed that the flag on girl’s face was not national flag as it didn’t have the Ashoka Chakra.

“This is a Sikh shrine. Every religious place has its own decorum. We welcome everyone. We apologise is an official misbehaved. The flag on her face didn’t have Ashoka Chakra. It could have been a political flag,” Gurcharan Singh Grewal, General Secretary SGPC on a viral video purportedly showing a woman being denied entry into Golden Temple.

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