WATCH: Brazil switches off the light at Christ the Redeemer to show solidarity with Vinicius Jr.

Brazil: Days after Brazil forward Vinicius Jr was racially abused during a club match in Spain, Brazil decided to switched off the lights on Rio de Janeiro’s iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer on Monday night in order to show solidarity with the strikers.

Reportedly, the lights were turned off at 1800 local time to cap a day when the Brazlian government and the world of football united to condemn the racial slurs targeted the Real Madrid player during a Spanish League match on Sunday.

Watch the video here.

Notably, the Archidocesan Sanctuary that manages the monuments carried out the act in cooperation with the Barzilian FA and the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football. Meanwhile, 22-year-old Brazilian international posted a picture of the statue silhouetted against the moon on Twitter and expressed his gratitude for the support.

“Black and imposing. Christ the Redeemer was like this just now. An action of solidarity that move me. But I want, above all, to inspire and bring more light to our struggle,” Jr. wrote.

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