WATCH: 31 children reunited with family in Ukraine after taken to Russia amid Russia-Ukraine war

(Photo: Reuters)

Save Ukraine humanitarian organisation on Saturday said that it has rescued 31 children from Russia who were taken during the Russia-Ukraine war. The children were reportedly brought back to Ukraine where they were reunited with their families.

MyKola Kuleba, the head of the Ukrainian rescue organisation that arranged the rescue mission said that the fifth rescue mission is nearing its completion.

“It was special regarding the number of children we managed to return and also because of its complexity. There were kids who changed their locations five times in five months, some children informed that they were living with rats and cockroaches,” he said.

As per reports, children were taken to what Russians called stays in summer camps in occupied parts of Ukraine’s Kharkiv and Kherson regions, Kuleba said.

An estimate of nearly 19,500 children has been taken from Ukraine to Russia or Russian-occupied Crimea from Ukraine since Moscow invaded in February last year.

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Meanwhile, Moscow denied claims of abduction of children, instead it said that the children have been transported away for their own safety.

Earlier, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrant on March 17 for President Vladimir Putin and Russian children’s rights commission Maria Lvova-Belova, accused them of abducting children from Ukraine.

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