Viral Video | MIT student confronts teacher for comparing him with ‘Kasab’ institute debarr teacher

In a viral video, a student from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) was seen confronting his teacher in the classroom for allegedly referring him to ‘Kasab’, the terrorist hanged for his role in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Although the exact date of the incident is not yet ascertained, it is likely to be from the recent past. Since the video triggered an intense debate on social media regarding the ease of tagging a student with late terrorist, MIT referred to the teachers’ remark and said that the ‘institute does not condone this kind of behaviour, and this isolated incident will be dealt with per the laid down policy,” MIT statement read.

Lt Gen (Dr) MD Venkatesh, the vice-chancellor of MAHE, admitted that the incident is very serious and confirmed that the inquiry committee has just been constituted, and its outcome will be known in a day or two.

“We have to be fair and transparent. We will wait for the report. At this point, it’s important to protect both the students and teacher,” Dr. Venkatesh told The Indian Express.

Meanwhile, the report further informs that the student involved has not filed any complaint, but the teacher has been debarred from classes. However, the excerpts from the video are as follows-:

  • Student: “…. (unclear) in such a derogatory manner.”
  • Assistant Professor: “You are just like my kid.”
  • Student: “No, if my father says this, I’ll disown him.”
  • Assistant Professor: “It’s a funny thing.”
  • Student: “No, it’s not, sir. It’s not. 26/11 was not funny …. (unclear) being a Muslim in this country and facing all of this daily is not funny.”
  • Assistant Professor: “You are just like my son.”
  • Student: “No, no, no. Will you talk to your son like that? Will you call him by the name of a terrorist? Khallas (Over). How can you call me like that in front of so many people in the class?”
  • Assistant Professor: “Sorry, I told (I have apologised).”
  • Student: “You are a professional. You are teaching. You can’t call me that.”
  • Assistant Professor: “Sorry, I told.”

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