Uniform Civil Code, Triple Talaq: PM Modi Slams Opposition For Unity Attempt – Top Quotes

Ahead of the assembly elections in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, June 27 launched a scathing attack on opposition for politicising the issues like ‘Triple Talaq,’ ‘Uniform Civil Code’ and for opposition’s grand unity attempt in Patna.

Let’s check out top quotes from the Prime Minister’s crucial address from Bhopal.

On Uniform Civil Code:

Indian Muslims brothers and sisters should understand which political parties are trying to incite them and trying to profit by destroying them. In the name of Uniform Civil Code, they are trying to incite them,” PM Modi said while addressing the BJP booth workers across the country via video conferencing.

Prime Minister also said that Pasmanda Muslims have been ‘discriminated against so much, but there has been no debate on this.’ Even today Pasmanda Muslims are not given an equal share. They are thought of as untouchable,” PM Modi said.

On Triple Talaq:

Backing his government’s decision to abolish Triple Talaq, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if this was an important aspect of Islam, then why is it not there in Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Jordon, Syria and Bangladesh?’

Prime Minister also underlined the fact that Egypt had ‘removed’ the practice ’80-90 years ago’ and that ‘some people want license to discriminate against Muslim women all the time through the Triple Talaq noose.’

On opposition’s grand alliance:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the opposition’s attempt at forming a grand alliance and said that various parties like DMK and TMC are involved in massive scams which are being investigated due to which they are now moving towards ‘jugalbandi’ in their ‘shared sense of fear.’

On BJP booth workers:

Prime Minister congratulated the party’s booth workers for their hard work on 9 years of Central government and said he is proud of them.

The hard work you put in; I am getting the news of this regularly. When I was in America even then, I was getting news of your efforts. That’s why after coming from there, meeting you was more joyous. BJP’s biggest power is all you karyakartas,’ he said.

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