Turkey earthquake: Two men rescued after staying in the rubble for 261 hours in quake-hit Turkey


Devastating earthquakes in Turkey left many without their loved ones as the estimated death numbers are rising every day.

While thousands died in one of the deadliest earthquakes in humankind, two men were rescued alive from the rubble of the fallen building, after 261 hours of the earthquake.

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Turkey Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared a video of one of the rescued men, informing his relative about his well-being.

According to the minister, Mustafa Avci, 33, was the first person saved and was given permission to make a call to his relative after being treated with initial care.

In the video, Avci is seen speaking into a phone held by a rescuer while wearing a neck brace and laying on a stretcher. In an emotional video, the man on the other end is crying in shock as Avci talks to his mother and the rest of the family members.

Koca’s twitter post immediately went viral on social media as many reacted by stating there is a huge possibility that many would be alive under the rubble and waiting for help.

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