Advocate shames BYJU’S for misquoting Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on Kashmir, company reacts

The proliferation of social media in the world has made life easy and tough for some, as well. While the rate of getting fame has increased, the possibility of being scrutinised for errors has increased multi-fold.

In one such recent incident, BYJU’S, an Ed-tech company, found itself at the receiving end after Advocate Ashutosh Dubey highlighted an error involving India’s first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his views on Kashmir, in BYJU’S’ learning material, on Twitter.

Notably, the textbook in the chapter ‘Kashmir’ mentions, ‘Nehru wanted Kashmir to be part of India, however, Patel was of the view that Kashmir should be given to Pakistan. But his views changed on 13 September when government of Pakistan accepted the accession of Junagadh.’

The Twitter user shared a picture of the page where abovementioned quote was mentioned and called out BYJUS alleging them for spreading ‘shameful propaganda.’

“Shameful propaganda by @BYJU’S! Sardar Patel dedicated his whole life to securing Kashmir while Nehru took the matter to the UN and caused the loss of PoK. Stop feeding lies to impressionable children! Apologise now,” Twitter user wrote.

As the matter got viral on social media and drew sharp reactions from multiple users, BYJU’S too issued an official statement.

“At BYJU’S we take utmost care that the information provided is authentic and corroborated from various sources. We regularly view our content for factual accuracy. Our editorial has removed this point already, it will not feature in the new prints,” the statement read.

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