Exclusive || TruckSuvidha has revolt the shipping industry, it provides truckers convenient mode to get loads: Ishu Bansal, Co-founder, TruckSuvidha

Over the years India has witnessed massive surge in the number of innovative start-ups which has brought revolution and has made a significant contribution in boosting the ecosystem. While few start-ups cater specifically or rather, are limited to Tier 1 cities, start-ups like TruckSuvidha find the perfect blend in establishing their presence in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

TruckSuvidha, has successfully touched the nerves of the country by entering into a complex industry like logistics and shipping and carved a niche path for themselves. After more than five years of bootstrapping, company has raised its seed funding and is aiming to go big day by day. In a candid conversation with Ishu Bansal, Co-founder of TruckSuvidha, The Quotes explored the story behind establishing TruckSuvidha, the inspiration, the much needed seed funding and future of the company. Excerpts of the conversation.

Q1. Trucksuvidha has been a revolutionary start-up in terms of transporters, truck drivers, and other related entities. Kindly give our readers an idea about how it works and the magnitude of the users of TruckSuvidha app?

Answer: TruckSuvidha app provides truckers and business owners a convenient mode to felicitate a deal which would otherwise become quite complicated and time taking. By using TruckSuvidha app, one can easily find a trucker who would be seeking a client to load his truck. It’s a win-win situation for both.
We have closed the gap between companies in need of truck transportation services and the truck owners. Truck drivers can book consignment online, and organizations that rely on logistics services can connect with truckers to move their goods or equipment.

Using a mobile app to book a truck may be quite useful for any consumer because they can access all truck booking services at the most cost-effective rates. TruckSuvidha ensures that both consignment owners and truckers looking to book online loads may find shipments pan-India. If you are a trucker, you will need to locate another consignment before the first one expires and we assist truckers in finding loads online while their trucks are on the road.

A truck driver does not need to go through the time-consuming procedure of relying on their contacts to find work. It saves them time, which they can utilise towards growing their firm. More than thousands of truckers choose TruckSuvidha for expanding their businesses.

Q2. According to the last available information about your company, it raised an undisclosed amount from Maharatna Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) (in 2019). How did the GIAL’s seed funding helped TruckSuvidha to expand its business. Any specific reason why the exact amount was not disclosed?

Answer: Maharatna Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) showed keen interest in investing in our idea, which helped us to grow horizontally and vertically. The capital was used to add new products (GPS and FASTag) for expanding our network.

GAIL’s seed funding helped us in extending our manpower and technology capabilities. We have ensured our firm should thrive in the coming years and our services grow with time. We also want more stakeholders to join us and trust our vision. We are aware that we have entered into a complex industry but we enroute to make our own niche path.

Q3. The seed funding from GAIL happened in 2019. Kindly enlighten our readers with some significant development (expansion/investment/reach) in the company since then.

Answer: TruckSuvidha leveraged the incoming funds from GAIL to enhance technological infrastructure, expand its customer base, and deliver value-added services. The seed funding was utilized to accelerate the company’s expansion into new cities, improve the technical platform of its goods and services, hire new employees to reinforce the core team, and create a network of agents on ground to assist the masses in the transportation sector.

TruckSuvidha helps truck owners, drivers, customers, and other related entities to earn more than twice what they would normally do by increasing truck utilization on India’s major trucking routes. TruckSuvidha has aided millions of truck drivers and shippers in the country since its first fundraising round.”

Q4. The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 Bn and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on-road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. How challenging it was for you and the team to establish the start-up in such a complex environment.

Answer: The logistic industry has largely remained away from digitalisation and despite many efforts, truckers hardly use android phones and they know little about how revolutionary the digital world is. That’s where we came into the picture. I realised a significant issue in India’s logistics sector: SMEs [Small and medium-sized enterprises] were having a difficult time moving their goods.

Amit Punaini , Co-founder, TruckSuvidha

Amit Punaini (Co-founder of TruckSuvidha) joined me to address this issue and give logistics firms the kind of assistance they require to thrive. We met hundreds of SMEs and truck owners throughout the course of our two-year journey and we had a very strong understanding of the difficulties they were dealing with.

After brainstorming over number of ideas and pitches, “TruckSuvidha” was born, with an aim to transform the logistics industry. We assimilated as much information as we could, particularly about the business we were entering, the clients we hoped to attract, and the competition we would encounter. We recognized all of the costs associated with our company and made certain that our products or services were priced appropriately in order to generate a profit.

We developed a marketing strategy to reach out to customers. We played fairly and punched above our weight to gain the much-needed recognition among the crowds of enterprises that are always challenging and expanding. TruckSuvidha is a software for organizing your loads and trucks; it also functions as a marketplace for finding new clients. As a result, TruckSuvidha’s online truck booking systems have made it simple for any transporter to locate loads.

Q5. What’s the future for Trucksuvidha?

Answer: TruckSuvidha wants to transform the Indian transportation sector by giving transporters the tools they need to run efficient, digital operations. Customers may quickly and easily book trucks and loads through the app by establishing direct connections with dependable transporters and truck owners throughout India.

The app-based platform is completely free to use. We are bridging the gaps that exist between various industry participants. In order to create a transparent, secure, and well-organized trucking industry, we aim to offer services that are both cost-effective and give customers a sense of security.

Our app will help to swap your conventional business to something that new-age Millennials and fast commuters love to have in the coming years. TruckSuvidha has come a long way since its inception, and there is no doubt that it is here to stay.

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