Top Quotes || PM Modi Launches Fresh Attack On Congress-Led Rajasthan Govt

Congress is a shop of loot, and market of lies, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued on July 8 (Saturday) while attacking a grand old party ahead of assembly election in Rajasthan.

During the public rally, PM Modi lashed out at the Congress party. Let’s check out the top quotes made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajasthan.

Farmers of Rajasthan have suffered the most due to the Congress government. Ever since the Congress government came to power in Rajasthan, why did they do? For 4 years, the Congress government have been fighting among themselves. Everyone is pulling each other’s leg?

We send the scheme from Delhi to Rajasthan, but in Jaipur, the Congress claws at them. Congress has nothing to do with Rajasthan’s problems and your problems. Congress has only done harm to the street.

The enthusiasm of the people is telling that not only the temperature of the weather has risen in Rajasthan, but the temperature of the people has also risen against the Congress government.

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