Top Quotes || Don’t Know Which Day..Neeraj Chopra Speaks After Gold At WAC 2023

Man of the moment Neeraj Chopra has confessed that he won’t suffer from lack of motivation going forward. The newly crowned World Athletic Champion, Neeraj addressed a late-night press conference from Budapest over zoom.

Let’s check TOP QUOTES from the Olympic medallist and now the world champion.

On ‘greatest ever athlete’ tag

I won’t say I am the greatest of all time. I have to improve more. The greatest of all time is Jan Zelenzy when it comes to the Javelin,” Neeraj said.

Drive to win more medals:

The biggest things is I still have many more throws in me and the saying goes that ‘throwers don’t have finishing line.’ So I can push myself, it is motivation to see how many medals one can win. Winning medals does not mean we have done everything,” he added.

On Ind vs Pak:

I don’t use my mobile much before competition but today I looked at it and the first ting were India versus Pakistan. But if you see, European athletes are very dangerous and at time they can produce a big throw. So till the last throw you have to keep thinking about other throwers. But the thing is there will be Ind vs Pak comparisons back home,” Chopra said.

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On Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem:

I felt good that Arshad threw well and we discussed how both our countries and growing now. Earlier there were European athletes but now we have reached their level,” Neeraj Chopra concluded.  

On Jai Hind chants:

It was a special moment. Yeh Kami thi Tokyo Mein. There is also Adille sir (Athletics Federation of India President) was there. Today he was there too. There were shouts of Jai Hind. So many people came to support and watch athletics and it felt great,” Chopra said.

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On 90m throw:

The year was going well but the groin injury created a problem. I have left it to time. I threw close to 90 metres last year. I don’t know which day a 90m throw will happen, but it will happen one day or the other,” he added.

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