8-Point Plan|| Delhi-NCR Activates Stage IV Anti-Pollution Measures Amid Poor Air Quality

NEW DELHI: The final phase of the Centre’s anti-pollution plan has been initiated in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) due to deteriorating air quality.

The CAQM, responsible for pollution control strategies, has instructed Delhi and NCR states to enforce emergency measures. These include a 50% work-from-home mandate for government and private offices.

This Stage IV response is triggered when the Air Quality Index surpasses 450 in Delhi, but this time, it couldn’t be proactively activated.

The 8-point plan entails:

Banning truck traffic into Delhi, except for essential goods carriers.

Prohibiting non-Delhi registered LCVs (except EVs, CNG, and BS-VI diesel) unless carrying essentials.

Banning Delhi-registered diesel MGVs and HGVs (except those carrying essentials).

Halting C&D activities in public projects.

Potential shift to online classes for certain grades.

Office operation at 50% capacity with the option for employees to work from home.

Consideration of work from home for central government employees.

Additional emergency measures, such as college closures, non-essential business shutdowns, and odd-even vehicle use.

The worsening air quality is attributed to adverse weather conditions and increased stubble burning in neighboring states, with the AQI rising from 415 to 463 within hours.

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