Tomato Prices Will Go Down If You Stop Eating, Says UP Minister Pratibha Shukla, Sparks Meme Fest

Pratibha Shukla

As tomatoes remain to be matte of concern for many section of the people due to surge in prices, Uttar Pradesh minister Pratibha Shukla said one could ‘quit consuming tomatoes’ as it would bring down the prices.

“Cutting down on expensive items will naturally lower the prices. If nobody buys them (tomatoes), it will lead to a reduction in costs to prevent wastages,” minister said.

Plant tomato in pot: Pratibha Shukla

She further suggested to consider planting tomatoes in pots. “A village maintain a nutrition garden, where women transform the backyard into a garden and grow vegetables. Now they no longer need to buy vegetables as they cook what they grow,” minister added.

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Reactions about Pratibha Shukla:

Meanwhile, her reaction has gone viral on internet as many re-shared her comment and took a sly dig at her for sharing her suggestions. Check out her reactions.

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