There Is A Little Bit Of Fear In The Government: Rahul Gandhi On India-Bharat Row – WATCH

Brussels: Congress MP and likely to be party’s Prime Ministerial candidate in 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi has claimed that Narendra Modi-led government is ‘disturbed’ with the name of grand alliance i.e. I.N.D.I.A.

While addressing the media in Brussels, Rahul Gandhi said;

“I am perfectly happy with the name in the constitution – India that is Bharat. This works perfectly well for me. These in a sense, to me, are panic reactions. There is a little bit of fear in the government.”

Rahul Gandhi on India-Bharat

Ex-Congress president also said that the idea to update country’s name from India to ‘Bharat’ is a distraction tactics of the government.

“We ofcourse came up with the name of INDIA for our coalition and it’s a fantastic idea. This represents who we are. We consider ourselves to be the voice of India. So, the name works really well,” Rahul Gandhi said.

The Waynad MP concluded by saying that the name of the grand alliance – INDIA – has ‘surely disturbed the Prime Minister enough that he wants to change the name of the country which is absurd. But that’s what it is,” Rahul Gandhi concluded.

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