Ten safety tips while driving amid massive fog

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As the temperature starts dipping, fog will become an integral part of our life. While most of our stuck with work from home jobs, there are many out there who are operating vehicles to keep up with their job.

For all those who are dealing with early morning fog, we list out ten points to keep in mind while driving amid heavy fog.

Use fog lights and drive at slow speed.

Do not change lanes and avoid overtaking.

Use low beam headlights as high beams reflect off the moisture droplets in fog making visibility difficult. 

Follow roadside blinkers, where available

Maintain sufficient distance between two vehicles

Turn on your car heater as fog outside will cause condensation inside

Keep your vehicle’s windscreen and windows clean

Blow horn repeatedly, especially while changing lanes and at turns

Do not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road in case of no visibility; pull over to the side of the road.

Turn on your vehicle’s emergency flashers and low bean headlights on

Do not apply sudden brakes to avoid a rear vehicle hitting you

Last, but not the least;

Do not drink and drive

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