Team India’s direct-hit conversion ratio has improved: Fielding coach T Dilip

India’s fielding coach T Dilip is pretty impressed with the team’s improvement when it comes to direct-hits. Citing KL Rahul’s direct hit which got rid of in-form Litton Das during the T20 World Cup in Australia and eventually helped India beat Bangladesh, Dilip said that there are certain areas where we certainly improved over a period of time.

“If you look at the number of direct-hit from KL Rahul changed the course of the match. That’s something we are looking at as a group and if you look at it’s overall ratio, even though there are no run outs, the number of times we have hit the stumps has improved a bit. That’s one area we will keep improving,” he added.

Dilip added by saying that the team is looking to have a specific fielding drills and training for specific players so that they are the best prepared to field at certain positions.

After registering 2-1 win in four-match Test series against Australia, Hardik Pandya-led Team India will take on Steven Smith and Co. in the ODI leg of the bilateral.

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