Male Is The Ruler, Woman Is Not Equal To Man: Taliban’s Education Minister

Taliban-appointed acting minister of higher education Neda Mohammad Nadim has claimed that men are not equal to women, as per Sharia.

As reported by TOLO News, Nadim on October 1 said;

“The Almighty Allah has distinguished between men and women. A male is the ruler, he has the authority, he must be obeyed, and the woman must accept his world. A woman is not equal to a man; however, they (Western nations) have placed her above a man,” Neda Mohammad Nadim said.

Notably, Nadim made this controversial comment during a meeting at Baghlan University. Adding further, Nadim said that this is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate to treat the people well.

It should bring ease, it should bring good news, there should be no hatred, there should be no differences among the officials, and the second thing is to ensure security,” he added.

Women in Afghanistan have faced several challenges since the Taliban returned to power in 2021 after outsmarting US-led NATO Forces.

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