Swords Were For For Puja, Not For Murders: Bittu Bajrangi Says Was Worried For ‘Mothers’

Haryana: Days after violence in Haryana’s Nuh triggered widespread anger in the country, Bittu Bajrangi –  a self-proclaimed cow vigilante – has explained how everything turned violent and ugly during Shobha Yatra on July 31.

In an interview with India Today, Bittu Bajrangi said;

Like every year, this year was also organised Shobha Yatra. The Yatra was scheduled to go to Nuh’s Nalhar Mahadev Mandir and go to other areas from there,” he said.

He further explained that they offered puja at the mandir, organised Kirtan. “There was only way back from there. As the cars started to leave, we had barely travelled some 500 metres, we saw the cars in front were set on fire by miscreants” Bittu Bajrangi told India Today.

We saw that there was a small mosque on the side of the road and 200-250 people there. They were armed and opened fire,” he added.

Reference to Manipur:

He said that he was worried of mothers and daughters in the Yatra due to which they took shelter in a temple.

I was not afraid of myself but I was more afraid for the women and children. We did not want any unfortunate incident like the Manipur one happening there. We were scared for our mothers,” Bitti Bajrangi said.

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Why weapons?

When asked why weapons were carried in the Yatra, he said that those weapons were used in puja during weddings and rituals. “They are not used for murders,” he added.

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Bulldozer action is must: Bittu Bajrangi

Launching scathing attack on Muslim group, Bittu Bajrangi said that like Uttar Pradesh, bulldozer action should take place against miscreants.

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