Sushmita Sen’s ‘Aarya 3’ Trailer Unveiled: New Levels of Drama and Intrigue

Mumbai: As the highly-anticipated third season of ‘Aarya’ gears up for its grand premiere, the release of the full trailer has ignited excitement among fans. This unveiling follows an initial sneak peek that teased audiences earlier in the week.

Here’s what you need to know about ‘Aarya 3’ and the captivating world it promises to deliver:

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from November 3: The wait is almost over as ‘Aarya 3’ is set to hit screens on Disney+ Hotstar starting from November 3. Fans can mark their calendars for this thrilling journey.

A Stronger, More Determined Aarya: The trailer introduces us to Aarya, portrayed by Sushmita Sen, as a character who has evolved into a formidable and determined force. She’s now engaged in activities she once disapproved of, including managing the opium trade and forging business alliances with Russian counterparts.

New Adversaries: Aarya’s path is no longer free of obstacles. Fresh adversaries, Ila Arun and Indraneil Sengupta, have entered the scene. The burning question remains: Will Aarya emerge victorious once more, or is this the beginning of her ultimate downfall?

Balancing Acts: Amidst her fierce business dealings, Aarya’s softer side emerges as she goes to great lengths to protect her children, friends, and family, adding depth and complexity to her character.

Watch the teaser here.

About Aryan 3

Roots in ‘Penoza’: Derived from the Spanish series ‘Penoza,’ the first two seasons of this crime thriller took viewers on a journey as Sushmita Sen’s Aarya transformed from a loving mother and spouse into a powerful figure in the criminal underworld due to unforeseen events.

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Critical Acclaim: The earlier seasons of ‘Aarya’ received critical acclaim, with the inaugural season even securing a nomination for Best Drama series at the International Emmy Awards.

With all these exciting elements in place, fans are eagerly anticipating the next captivating chapter in Aarya’s journey.

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