Strippers and Champagne in 18-Year-Old’s Bash? Who is Britain’s Most Hated Woman

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Britain’s most hated woman, the glamour model-turned social media influencer and mother-of-four, Carla Belluci has advised parents to ‘jog on’ as she is gearing up to throw a lavish party for her eldest daughter, Tanisha, currently 17, but will soon celebrate his 18th birthday.

Belluci is expecting to receive more backlash after admitting to spend around £10,000 on a lavish party for her teen daughter – featuring scantily clad strippers and £200 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne.

Why is she branded as ‘Britain’s most hated woman’?

After obtaining a free nose job on the NHS she believes it would be unfair on her to deny daughter Tanisha her dream of seeing Magic Mike Live in London for her landmark celebration.

Giovanni Pincay)

“Tanisha cannot wait for the show at Hippodrome Theater in December because she wants her first lap dance,’ Belluci was quoted by the Daily Star. One needs to be over 18 to witness men serenading audience members on stage.

Happy to encourage my daughter’s curiosity:

She told The Sun: Rather than popping up sad £5 prosecco I am going to make sure than Tanisha’s first taste of booze if from a bottle of £200 Dom Perignon champagne and I want to make sure she does it in style.

She further informed that her daughter will see Magic Live, weeks before she turns 18 so I thought, why not continue the theme? So, I have booked three strippers to wait on her and her friend’s hand and foot.

( Image: 
Giovanni Pincay)

The mother of three, who lives near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, said that the strippers’ modesty will be covered by a little apron and clarified that anyone below 18 won’t be drinking the champagne.

“It won’t bother me seeing Tanisha around naked waiters. We are more like friends. The writers have come at a cost of around £600 for an hour but the budget of whole party – which includes Dj, Magician, and a doughnut wall – is £10,000.

Carla plans to manage Tanisha’s OnlyFans account:

The mother has also revealed that she is helping her daughter to get one OnlyFans account and rather has would manage that account.

“I know full well that mum police will be out in force, telling me off for flashing my cash while other people struggle. They can jog me on, I can’t see how anyone can be in that much poverty, I really can’t,” she added.

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