Social Shame: Daughter chopped the body of HIV + mother and stored for days in Mumbai

Mumbai: The brutal murder of Veena Jain allegedly by her daughter has forced us to think over the consequences of social pressure we all feel within. According to reports, Rimple Jain, accused in the case and daughter of the deceased, ‘taunted’ her mother for being HIV-positive and held her ‘responsible’ for the stigma they faced as family.

As reported by The Quint, deceased’s brother, Suresh Kumar Paurwal told police that Rimple has always had a strained relationship with her mother. The police detained 27-year-old Bobby Amjad Ali, on March 16, who allegedly helped her commit the murder.

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The Quint further quoted police sources stating that it may have been Bobby who got the marble cutter, which was allegedly used as a murder weapon. Reportedly, Bobby runs a vada pav stall in Mumbai – and is originally from Lucknow.

On the condition of anonymity, a police source stated that Rimple is still in a state of shock as she is still holding her mother responsible for all her miseries. “They both are victims of social stigma,” the officer said.

Notably, 55-year-old Veena had reportedly went missing two months ago but later it was confirmed that Rimple had chopped her body, hid it in a plastic bag and stored her body.

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“I could not visit Veena’s house as I had fallen ill. But whenever my son or daughter visited, Rimple would say that Veena was sleeping. When we barged in, we could not find Veena but there was a foul smell in the house. We were in complete shock to find parts of a highly decomposed human body in plastic bags. They were locked up in cupboard,” police source said.

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