Sixty killed in Burkina Faso village by raiders ‘wearing military uniforms’: Report

Close to 60 civilians have been killed in a village in northern Burkina Faso by men wearing uniform, says local prosecutor asking for stringent investigation into the attack.

Citing information from police in the town of Ouahigouya, prosecutor Lamine Kabore claimed that attack took place on Friday in the village of Karma near the border with Mali.

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Armed groups are thought to control about 40 percent of Burkina Faso in regional unrest that started in Mali in 2012 when hardline groups hijacked a Tuareg separatist uprising.

Burkina Faso’s military rulers announced a ‘general mobilisation’ as part of a plan to regain territory lost to armed groups linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS).

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In Karma, survivors told AFP more than 100 people on motorbikes and pick-up trucks had raided the village, and men dressed in military uniform killed close to 80 men and women.

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