Satish Kaushik’s Death || My husband may have poisoned – Wife of Delhi businessman

Saanvi Malu, the second wife of businessman and Kuber Group’s director – Vikas Malu, has written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner, accusing he husband of murdering actor Satish Kaushik.

The veteran actor died on March 9, at the age of 66, was at Malu’s farmhouse in Delhi when he felt uneasiness and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He died on the way.

In a fresh development, Saanvi has revealed that the actor had loaned her husband Rs. 15 crore and met him abroad once to get his money back.

She also claimed that Kaushik and Malu had a heated argument over it and Vikas promised the actor to return money.

Saanvi further said that since the actor got ill at her husband’s farmhouse, she suspected that Vikas could have poisoned him to get out of his way.

Meanwhile, police have ruled out any foul play in Satish Kaushik’s death as his autopsy report claimed heart attack, as main reason of his death. Kaushik’s family has also not made any allegations. Notably, Saanvi Malu, accused her husband, Vikas Malu, of raping her, last year.

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