Russian nationals furious over killing ’63’ soldiers in a deadliest strike by Kyiv: Report

In one of the deadliest attacks on Russian troops, Ukraine forces reportedly fired rockets at a facility in the eastern Donetsk region, killing more than 63 soldiers, the Russian defense ministry claimed.

However, Ukraine claims figures are way more than quoted by their counterpart as the reported estimate is over 400 Russian soldiers.

According to the Associate Press, Ukrainian forces fired six rockets from a HIMARS launch system and two of them were shot down.

According to the governor of Russia’s Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, an unspecified number of residents of the region were among those killed and wounded by the strike on the town of Makiivka.

The enormity of the attack triggered massive anger among the nationalist Russian bloggers – who are closely following the war – demanded immediate punishment to the commanders for setting up a camp near an ammunition dump.

Meanwhile, Kyiv on Monday took responsibility for the deadly strike on Monday. “On December 31, up to 10 units of enemy military equipment of various types were destroyed and damaged in Makiivka,” Ukrainian General Staff of Armed Forces was quoted.

According to The Kyiv, around 400 soldiers were killed and 300 others were injured.

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