Repetition of Military Surrender with India: Taliban Schooled Pakistan by sharing 1971 Surrender Picture

In a surprising turn of events, Pakistan establishment was left embarrassed on Tuesday when an Afghan Taliban member schooled the former citing Pakistan’s surrender to India in 1971 war that led to the creation of a new nation, Bangladesh from erstwhile East Pakistan.

“Interior Minister of Pakistan! Excellent Sir! Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan are not Turkey to target the Kurds in Syria. This is Afghanistan, the graveyard of proud empires. Do not think of a military attack on us, otherwise, there will be a shameful repetition of the military agreement with India,” tweeted Taliban member Ahmad Yasir.

Notably, 93,000 Pakistan soldiers laid down their arms in front of Indian Forces – liberating East Pakistan and giving birth to Bangladesh.

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The 1971 Indo-Pak War was initiated after Pakistan launched pre-emptive strikes on a large number of Indian Air Force (IAF) base.

In response, Indian Defence Forces on the Western and Eastern Fronts, on land, sea and air. After days of tussle between both the sides, Pakistan soldiers surrendered in Dhaka and Bangladesh emerged as an independent country.

Since August 2021, incidents of border skirmishes between Pakistan and Taliban-led Afghanistan have increased significantly over Durand Line.

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The latest border clash between the two countries in December 2022 had Taliban fighters and Pakistan forces exchanging heavy-artillery fire on each other on the Spin-Boldak-Chaman border.

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