Rashmika Mandanna’s Deepfake Video: Original Woman Zara Patel Responds

Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake AI video has stirred quite the buzz, with many celebrities advocating for legal action against it.

In the midst of the social media uproar, the woman from the original video, Zara Patel, a British influencer, has reacted to the manipulated clip.

Addressing the issue on her Instagram, Zara Patel expressed her deep concern about the unauthorized use of her body combined with the face of a popular Bollywood actress.

She made it clear that she had no involvement with the creation of the deepfake video and was deeply disturbed by the situation.

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Who is Zara Patel?

She’s a British-Indian Instagram influencer with an impressive following of over 400,000 on Instagram. Zara Patel identifies herself as a full-time Data Engineer in her bio.

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Rashmika Mandanna expressed her ‘scare’

Rashmika has also weighed in on the deepfake video controversy. She described the experience as “extremely scary” and called for action against such identity theft.

In a statement on her social media platform, she expressed her distress, highlighting the potential harm that technology misuse can bring not only to her but to anyone vulnerable to such incidents.

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