Pune: 4 died of suffocation while cleaning drainage chamber

Four people died due to suffocation inside a British-era drainage chamber in Baramati tehsil in Maharashtra’s Pune district on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the chamber was located on the farm of one of the victims. One of the deceased identified as Praveen Atole, went inside the  chamber in which cattle dung and urine were released.

While cleaning the chamber, he fell unconscious. “A man named Praveen Atole, went inside to clean a motor pipe but he felt unconscious and to save him, his father also went inside but he also fell unconscious. Following him, two people also went inside and suffocated,” police official said.

According to reports, after Praveen, his father Bhanudas Atole and two other people, Prakash Sopan Atole and Babasaheb Gavahne, entered the chamber one by one and all of them passed away. All four were rushed to hospital but declared brought dead.

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