PM Modi urged G20 leaders to take inspiration from Indian consumers and producers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talking to the media during the opening day of the winter session of parliament in New Delhi on Nov.16,2016 --Amrendra Jha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday acknowledged economic challenges faced by the G20 finance minister amid Russia-Ukraine war and urged the finance ministers to focus on an ‘inclusive agenda’ as the first ministerial meeting under India’s presidency of the group of largest economies began in Bengaluru.

“Your meeting marks the first minister-level dialogue under India’s G20 presidency. Even as I convey my best wishes to you for a productive meeting, I am aware of the challenges you face. You represent the leadership of global finance and economy at a time when the world is challenged by serious economic difficulties,” he said.

Modi urged the minister to focus on the most vulnerable citizens of the world by creating ‘an inclusive agenda’ that will help the world leaders to win back the confidence of the world.

“The theme of the G20 presidency – One Earth, One Family, One Future – also promotes this inclusive vision,” Modi added.

The Indian Prime Minister also stated that the top finance officials of the G20 must draw inspiration from the vibrancy of the Indian economy.

“Indian consumers and producers are optimistic and confident about the future. We hope that you will be able to transmit the same positive spirit to the global economy,” PM concluded.  

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