Plan to create 3D model of Ayodhya city. Check details!


With an intent to create a 3D model of the city, the Ayodhya administration is ready to take the help of drones and ground penetrating radars to create a digital twin of the city, which will help in ruling out possibilities of mishaps during large congregations and religious festivals.

The Ayodhya Development Authority is looking for agencies that can map the land use, roads, culverts, drains, railway lines, high-tension lines, electric cables and poles, mobile towers, transformers, pipelines, historical monuments, and religious and residential buildings, among others.

Explaining the reason behind creating a 3D model of the city, vice-chairman of the Ayodhya Development Authority, Vishal Singh, informed that Ayodhya will evolve into a global religious and tourist centre.

As development works are on and provisions for laying down underground utilities across the city is being made, we need to engage an agency to create a three-dimensional model along with ground penetrating radar survey findings,” Mr. Singh.

The DGCA-approved drone survey has been planned over a 16 sq km area to phase out threats and hazards that can pose risks to people. According to reports, the survey will cover the panch Kosi parikrama route and other connected bylanes and streets.

The authority has set up pillars to demarcate the area’s perimeter that must be covered. Objects and structures situated at 5 metres under the ground will also be covered to plan utilises.

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The details covering 300 buildings will include the type of roof, decorative works on the building, garages, sheds, verandahs, chimneys, windows, solar panels, water tanks, parapet walls, balconies, terrace area, antenna or satellite dishes, and air-conditioners, among others.

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