Pawar Vs Pawar: New Posters Show Sharad Pawar As Bahubali and Ajit Pawar As ‘Traitor’ Kattapa – WATCH

New Delhi: As Ajit Pawar took his rebel against his uncle and Ex-NCP chief Sharad Pawar to a whole new height, the students wing of the NCP introduced a whole new poster outside the Delhi office of the party showing Ajit Pawar as a traitor.

The poster installed in New Delhi outside the party office shows Ajit Pawar as ‘Kattappa’ stabbing Bahubali metaphorically Sharad Pawar in the back. Check the poster here.

The poster was started a day after Ajit Pawar fraction of the NCP claimed to have the support of 31 MLAs in a big show of strength in Mumbai. 31 out of 53 MLAs attended the meeting hosted by Ajit Pawar fraction while 14 MLAs were present at the conclave addressed by Sharad Pawar.

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