Potentially Lethal: Pakistan-origin Uranium seized at London airport, investigation on

Pic Credit: Reuters

A Pakistan-originated deadly shipment of Uranium has been seized by the British counter-terrorism police at London airport after the package was found to be contaminated during a ‘routine screening.’

The Sun has reported that the package was destined for Iranian nationals in the UK, originated from Pakistan and arrived on a flight from Oman. Notably, the recovery took place on December 29, last year and the officials have reassured that the ‘extremely small’ amount poses ‘no threat.’

No arrests have been made and officers are working with several relevant agencies to investigate the matter and ensure there is no possibility of risk to the public.

According to The Mail the investigation to arrest the people involved is on full swing. “The package contained kilos of uranium – but it was not weapons-grade,” read the report. Meanwhile, Mirror quoted Commander Richard Smith stating that experts have assessed the material and concluded that it poses no threat.

“Although our investigation remains ongoing, from our inquiry so far, it does not appear to be linked to any direct threat. As the public would expect, however, we will continue to follow up on all available lines of inquiry to ensure this is definitely the case,” Mr. Smith added.

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